El Salvador 2018

El Salvador 2018

28 Jul 09:00 - 04 Aug 17:00 - San Salvador
San Salvador, EL Salvador

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Youth Mission Trip to El Salvador

ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY opens at 9am on Saturday, Oct. 22st. Registration link will go live at that time. Please check back on Oct. 1st for the page link.

For students going into their freshman year of high school and up for the 2018-19 school year.

For more information on financials and trip commitments please check out the registration link once it is up or email Heather Quiroz at heather@firstbaptistaledo.com for an information packet.

follow this link for registration information www.bit.ly/ElSalvador2018 Also, please read the mission trip details here.

El Salvador Collide Mission Trip 2018 (Travel Packet)
July 28th- August 4th, 2018

Mission Trip Student Expectations
1. Students must attend their church at least 75% of the time (if they drop below this total for more than 2 months they will be removed from the trip and MUST pay all fees up to that point. This means if plane tickets have already been purchased, the student will be responsible for paying for that ticket.
2. Students will be expected to attend either Collide Youth Group or Sunday school at least 50% of the time. If they cannot commit to this, they can’t go on the trip.
3. The $150 dollar deposit is non-refundable. Half must be paid at the time of registration to secure a spot. The other half of the registration is due by Jan 1st, 2018.
4. Students and adults must attend the mission trip fundraiser on April 8th, 2018 from 3:30-8:30pm. We will have our monthly mission trip meeting before our fundraiser at 3:30pm. Exceptions will only be made for those who have previous obligations they cannot get out of and a conversation must be had with Heather well in advance (at least two weeks in advance). If a student misses the fundraiser, for any reason, they will be asked to pay another $150 dollars out of pocket for the mission trip.
5. Registration will open on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2017 at 9am. Registration may only be completed online. Registration will remain open until all spots are full or until Sunday, Nov. 26th, 2017.
6. There are 18 spots available, but a minimum of three must be filled by an adult (two more including Heather) with a maximum of 8 adults.
7. The remaining obligation of $150 dollars of the deposit is owed by July 1st, 2018.

Mission Trip Details
1. Estimated cost per person= $1,550 (includes airline ticket, travel insurance, hotel, food and all other in country costs) Does not include cost for vaccinations or passports (price will be confirmed in Oct of 2017, but will not change much from the estimated cost. At the most it would be $200 dollars more.
2. Each individual is responsible for $300 of mission trip costs. This means after the $150 dollar deposit, individuals owe another $150 dollars (totalling $300). The remaining $150 dollars, after the deposit, may be paid in installments, or at one time. All funds are due by July 1st, 2018. The remaining costs (around $1,250 dollars) will be covered through the mission trip budget and mission trip fundraiser. Any student/adult may opt out of having their trip costs covered through the mission trip budget and may pay the full amount of $1,550. However, they are still required to meet all mission trip expectations as listed above.
3. Instead of doing lots of fundraisers, time and attention will be given to mission trip preparation. Therefore, students and adults are expected to attend all 5 mission trip preparation meetings, and may miss only one meeting, if they miss more than one, for any reason other than an emergency, sickness, or unavoidable circumstances they will be removed from the trip and must pay all costs up to that point for the trip. Meetings will be the first Sunday of the month (except in April the meeting will be on the 8th starting at 3:30pm with the fundraiser to follow) starting in January and going until May at 6:30pm. (Jan 7th, Feb 4th, March 4th, April 8th, and May 6th)

4. What do you mean when you say I must pay all those costs up to that point if I drop out or am removed from the trip?
a. The $150 dollar deposit is non-refundable
b. Once airline tickets have been purchased, if you are removed from the trip, you will owe the ticket cost (minus the $150 dollars). Heather will alert the group well in advance for when the purchase of the tickets will be made.
c. Any other purchases made, like group travel insurance, or other in-country costs that must be paid prior to our arrival. Most, if not all of these will be paid out in the late spring or 2018.

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San Salvador, EL Salvador San Salvador, EL Salvador
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